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Shar Pei

Medium  |  Female

Midway City, CA

Suki is the absolutely the sweetest and happiest dog. When she first came to AALOC, she was in a terrible, neglected state. She had skin infections and scars all over her back, and was so swollen that her eyes were invisible. But with care and love this girl has become a really special resident at AALOC's no-kill shelter. She will never be a beauty due to her past history, but we can tell you for sure that her heart and soul are absolutely beautiful!
Note From Foster:
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Note from foster: Suki is a funny, friendly dog. The vets say she is the friendliest Shar Pei they have every met. She is not beautiful - in the traditional sense - as she has scars on her back, but she always makes people smile when they meet her.

Suki has a condition common to Shar Pei's called mucinosis, which affects her skin, and she is highly allergic. She takes a number of medications to control her symptoms. I must say that once you establish a routine to give meds, it is not that difficult. Fortunately Suki has no problem taking them all down. She also needs regular bathing with a medicated shampoo, with a very diluted bleach rinse to keep yeast and bacteria from forming in the many folds of her skin. She does need to make regular vet visits to monitor her progress. We offer Suki as part of our Forever Foster program, meaning we pay for all of her vet care and medication. We will also cover the expense of food. She is on a special diet.

The reality is that Suki does require more care than a normal dog. But in many other ways she is a great dog. She gets along with all the other dogs in my house, even a little one who sometimes growls at her and is not at all friendly. She just looks at him as if he is a minor annoyance. She is just very good natured. Suki is also house broken.

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Midway City, CA

(714) 893-4393

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