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Gray Tabby


2 years, 9 months
Medium  |  Female

Melbourne, FL


Female Tabby litter

Contact: Michele
There were three kittens total in this all-female litter. One is left, a a gray tabby. She is now about 10 months old. She is sweet, affectionate, loving, and wants to play! The litter was rescued from the shelter when they were barely 4 weeks old, and now have a new chance at life. The adoption fee is $85.
All cats/kittens available for adoption through SVPR have been tested for feline Leukemia and AIDS, are neutered or spayed, have received age-appropriate vaccines, and are free of internal and external parasites.
Applications for adoption can be filled out on our website, Please email or call the specific foster listed with the description of the animal you are inquiring about for any questions or to arrange to see the animal. Most of our fosters work in addition to volunteering with the shelter, so they will try to respond as quickly as they are able.

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Melbourne, FL

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