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Domestic Medium Hair

Medium  |  Male

Miami, FL

Estimated birth date: Nov., 2011If you are interested in Tatz, please contact FOSTER PARENT: Debbie at or 954-295-5604.Tatz is brother to Puddy. One day, they wandered out of my neighbor’s bushes, crying for something to eat. My heart went out and I gave them both some food. Of course the cute furry friends started visiting every day. They must have been 2 months old. I put out a little box for them, and then a soft cuddly bed, but when I saw them all scared and huddling together in a rainstorm, I decided to let them sleep in my garage, where they would be safe. Slowly they made their way into the house, where I have been fostering them. I cannot keep them because my husband is allergic to cats. Puddy is like a little baby, loves to be held and sleeps in my lap, or anyone's lap! As they grew up a bit, I decided to have them neutered and get their shots. My husband tried allergy shots because I really wanted to keep them. They have helped a little but he is still allergic to them. Tatz is the smaller or younger brother. He is adorable and is very affectionate but also independent. They are both so cute and sweet, mild and docile, and get along well with other cats and love people as well. They keep each other company so I don't feel guilty if I have to leave them alone for a while. They would be such good companions for someone or for a family that loves cats. They would get along best in a house where they could have an enclosed outdoor area they could spend time in, and where they could stay together. We would never think of giving them up if it weren't for my husband’s allergies.You will be truly blessed to have Puddy and Tatz in your life! An ADOPTION QUESTIONNAIRE can be downloaded by entering our website and sending to foster parent. The Cat Network does not have a shelter; all of our cats/kittens are in foster homes in South Florida. Our adoption fee is $75 for cats that are not microchipped, and $85 for microchipped cats, which includes deworming, age appropriate vaccination, and testing for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Note: ADOPTION FEE for PUREBRED type cats, with or without papers, ranges from $75 - $250, and is determined by the foster parent. These cats are designated with "Higher adoption fee may apply" on their web listing. All kittens and cats 3 months and older have been spayed or neutered; many of the younger kittens will be sterilized prior to adoption as well.

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Miami, FL

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