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Medium  |  Female

Tyler, TX

Please contact Tonya Griffith ( for more information about this pet.

Maddie was a stray found in Bullard, Texas. She was untrusting and scared of new people at first, but now she is a great guard dog if I'm not around, even though she is a hound. She doesn't want to be in a dog pen, doesn't really want to ride in a vehicle, but wants to follow as if she doesn't want to be abandoned. She gets very excited when we come home, wrinkling her nose, and her hound bark is sweet. Maddie has been with us since April 2004. We had to eventually put her on a 20 foot lightweight chain, since she has gotten out of our perimeter fence several times, and will lay on the road, even with vehicles driving by, and won't let us come near her when she is on the road. She is also very intelligent. She won't get in a live trap or crate anymore, knowing that's how we caught her before, so if she gets out anymore, the only thing that will bring her back through the gate is a storm. We don't have a dog pen strong enough to keep her in yet, so she is right outside our front door, which gives her more social interaction with us as we go in and out. The last few times she has gotten off her chain, she has stayed on the property, so having more interaction with us each day has made a difference. She has a large fancy wooden dog house that was donated, and we fill it with cedar shavings for her to sleep in.
March 2005, I had leashed her for a few walks, and it is as if she has been leash trained before. She would walk directly beside me on the left side.
D.O.B.: ? 2002
Weight: about 50 pounds
$60 adoption fee will pay for her spay and vaccinations.

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Tyler, TX

(903) 533-1282

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