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Catahoula Leopard Dog

Medium  |  Female

Tyler, TX

Please contact Tonya Griffith ( for more information about this pet.

Precious was surrendered May 20, 2007. I was told she had been seen getting beat by her owners, and I was also told she had been shot at by someone. The bullet grazed the back of her shoulder blades. The hair did grow back in where I was told she had been shot.
She is a climber, is leash trained, and crate trained, but I have to let her hike her leg on something outside before bringing her in to a crate, or she will do it inside the store room where the crates are. Yes, I said hike, just like a male dog. I don't know why. She is paired up with Marshall, and he has the same problem, so maybe it's from being with him. She didn't use to be like that until I paired her up with Marshall, so she could be trained again. She use to be a yard dog that was crated at night and when I ran errands, but kept climbing over our four foot perimeter fence and bothering the neighbor, so she had to go in a six foot dog pen she couldn't get out of. I still have to crate her when I run errands, or she starts working on the chain link fence or digging to get out, so she is still crated when I leave, but not at night. She has become extremely sweet and more social now since she has been here. She use to be scared of most movements we made, but is now comfortable. I don't even need a leash with her. On occasion I will have her out of her dog pen when the other yard dogs are crated, and she will follow me wherever I go, and comes quickly anytime I call her. If I sit down, she is in my lap wanting to be pet, and will even roll over for a belly rub. She would make a great personal pet for someone, and is good around children.
D.O.B.: ? 2005
Weight: 53.7 - 5/23/07
$70 adoption fee will pay for her spay and vaccinations.

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Tyler, TX

(903) 533-1282

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