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7 years, 4 months

Houston, TX

Everybody loves me!

Every cat in the world loves him! People too...
Roaming the neighborhood looking for scraps was not the life this brown spotted tabby boy had imagined when he was a kitten. As a kitten, someone loved him; someone petted him; someone cuddled him. We know that because even though he was fearful and shy when he arrived at his foster home as a stray, the minute he was trapped and brought inside to be evaluated, the purrs started. And they have never stopped.
That brown tabby boy became Tibet, a big spotty boy with a sleek coat and a mellow disposition. As new kitties arrive at his foster home, he rushes to meet them and enfold them in his arms. When potential adopters come to meet the other kitties, Tibet comes to hop onto a lap and ask, "Hey, are you here for me?"
He knew what a loving home was; he knows this isn't his furever home. He's having fun, but he needs someone to kiss his head and say, "You're my baby." He wants toys that aren't hand me downs, and he wants a home with another companion animal so he can play and nurture them.
Tibet's brown color is more of a dark gray, and his stripes are so indistinct, he's spotted. His muzzle is creamy colored and his cheeks, because he wasn't fixed until he was an adult, are poofy. He's cute.
More than his looks, Mr. Tibet relies on his winning personality. He loves to cuddle in a lap, loves to sit on the chair by you, or cuddle up when you're lying down. He purrs when you're not feeling good, and he's quiet and mellow. All his friends at his foster home, both people and cats, love him. He's looking for a home with other cats.
To find out more about this sweet boy, contact his foster dad directly.
To meet this charmer, click the adoption link under his photo from the website: Fill out the online form, and someone will contact you within a few days to arrange a meeting.
Tibet's adoption fee helps to rescue more homeless kitties.

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Houston, TX

(713) 385-1798

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