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Tibetan Terrier


Peyton, CO


Sweet, gentle and loving, the Tibetan Terrier is lively, mild, and fun, but can be a bit willful. Reserved with strangers, but very dedicated to their owners, they are not happy when left alone. This breed does best with older, considerate children. This is a brave, intelligent, medium-sized dog and is a particularly good watch dog. Its bark is deep like a rising siren. When the Tibetan Terrier is with other dogs it can try to dominate. In the United States, Tibetan Terriers' bloodlines vary in terms of height, coat, and personality. The Tibetan Terrier has great agility as well as endurance. The Tibetan Terrier evolved over many centuries, surviving in Tibet's extreme climate and difficult terrain. The breed developed a protective double coat, compact size, unique foot construction, and great agility. The Tibetan Terrier served as a steadfast, devoted companion in all of his owner's endeavors.

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