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Tico will greet you with devotion


3 years, 10 months
Large  |  Male

Lyons, IL


~Handsome Tico is quite a large pussy cat and it’s very easy to imagine him with boots on going from adventure to adventure. But that life is now over and he is asking for his very own human. Tico is a toyger mix with seashell markings on his face and tummy.
He is a very unusual combination of character. A cross between a n alpha male and feminine diva queen. And what does that really mean?
1. no dogs, sorry but really no dogs allowed
2. no male cats or at least not the dominant controlling ones.
Tico is ready to compromise and accept a female or nice male cat that would agree to worship him.
But you, his human, you can understand that right? In return he’ll be following you around, weaving between your legs and head butting you every chance he gets. Napping beside you while you work, browse internet or watch TV is good too. See? You won’t need a dog! Tico fills both cat and dog rolls just purrfect!
My handsome Tico. His time to find a new forever home is here. As much as we love each other and want to never part we both new from the start our relationship will be a short lived one. For you see I have another tom and Tico deserves so much better then to play a second fiddle. When you first meet Tico you'€™d be surprised by his size. For he truly is a huge boy. But what that really means is more room for your hands to play with his soft fur and more warmth in your lap. This winter was manageable just because he never missed an opportunity to cuddle up next to me and launch me into a cozy land. Yes my handsome baby is a very cuddly and affectionate cat when it comes to humans. Not as much when we talk about other species. Like dogs for example. I guess his size makes him a target of everyone jealousy. And since he is a noble cat he never rejects an invitation for a duel. Other cats are hit and miss. Tico like some but not others and it'€™s kind of hard to predict what his final judgment would be. So we think he'€™d do best in a home alone situation or with a young cat for he seems to enjoy a father figure role. Come meet Tico and you'€™ll never be alone again!

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Lyons, IL

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