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Tiger Lily


2 years, 3 months

Surprise, AZ

Special Needs Kitties!! We are sweet and very lovable kittens. Unfortunately, our mother exposed us to Feline Herpes Virus at birth. Don't worry; it is not contagious to humans or other pet species, just cats. We feel great and we live a very normal life, but the virus really irritated our eyes. The eye specialist for animals told our foster mom that she has done all she can to help our eyes and that some of the glands in our eyelids are permanently damaged. Our eyes will always be teary because our tear ducts are unable to catch our tears so they spill over our eyelids. Because this virus will never go away and could potentially infect other cats if we have a flare up, we need families whom either already have Herpes positive kitties or whom have no other kitties at all. In the latter case, ARF has agreed to allow 2 of us to be adopted for the price of 1 so that we never have to live alone. Please fill out an adoption application to inquire about us to see if we could be a good fit for your family!

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Surprise, AZ

(623) 428-9119

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