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5 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Asheville, NC

Please contact Rebecca ( for more information about this pet.

Tinker is shy and fearful, but extremely sweet and responsive to loving attention from calm people. And she is improving every day! Her house-training has improved so much that she now is indicating when she needs to go out. Tinker has become so comfortable in our yard she learned from the other dogs how to push and pull open the screen door and has started to romp with the Lab mix! She is curious about meeting new dogs in our yard and seeks out the companionship of our older beagle. Tinker loves to go for walks around a short block, although she gets scared along the way by cars and children. She is excited to get in the car for rides and has handled visiting new places well as long as there is not too much traffic. When calm, she will come when called, and she gets excited about going to her "little room" to eat. Tinker needs some support to help her manage her excitement when dogs pass by when she is in the yard, but tries to follow verbal cues to stay calm. Tinker really wants to please and craves affection and attention. Tinker is content in her crate overnight and likes to play gently with toys. Tinker startles to vehicles and sudden noises. No observation with cats. Tinker needs a long-term commitment of a quiet home, preferably with other dogs who like to snuggle. A home in a rural area with a secure fence or a home with a fenced yard away from significant foot traffic would be perfect for Tinker. Please contact the foster parent today to learn more!

All Brother Wolf animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccinations before adoption (if species appropriate).
Application and counseling is required prior to all adoptions.
Individuals interested in adopting a puppy are STRONGLY encouraged to download and read this FREE ebook. Even if you've raised puppies in the past, this is an invaluable resource to help make your new addition successful!

Please note that visual breed identification of companion animals has been proven to be unreliable, so for most of our animals we provide a best guess at predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each of our animals as an individual and do our best to describe and place pets based on personality not breed label.
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Asheville, NC

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