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Domestic Long Hair


Anacortes, WA

OK, to start with I may be hiding out, making a big show of wanting to be left alone. I've got this shy act going on, but the secret truth is, I LOVE to be petted. So here's the deal. Have a seat close by. Make yourself comfortable. Introduce yourself. If I'm in that basket under the table, you can ever so gently turn and slide it to bring me closer. Let me sniff your hand. Just get started with a little scratching and stroking. Then listen for the purr. Oh yeah! You've got my number. I can't resist. There's something else I do that people seem to love. I hold up my paw. They go crazy for that. They seem to know it's a sign that I am a sweet, ardent, and loyal cat, longing to make that connection with my new family. Could that be you? I'll be here waiting.

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Anacortes, WA

(360) 588-9900

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