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3 years, 5 months
Large  |  Male

San Antonio, TX

Toby is a very sweet and loving male Shepard Mix. He is 2 years old about 55 lbs.
He is looking for a recently retired active couple with fenced property that is willing to adopt him and his awesome therapay dog/wife (Sahara).
Toby has had a rough life so far and has been failed by the human race. He is in his 4th home, now a foster home. His first three homes did not understand the Shepard breed trait and Toby's personality and just stuck him in the back yard without any attention. Toby ran away from all three homes. His last home he was attacked by the family dog.
Toby is an awesome companion dog that loves to hang out with his humans, play with his toys and play with his Shepard Therapy Dog. Yes, even dogs need therapy dogs! He has been undergoing doggie socialization training, learning to share toys and play with other dogs. He is still fearful of dogs larger than him and have a large bark. He is sensitive to loud sounds and being yelled at. You can tell he had an abuser at one point in his life. He rides well in the back seat of a vehicle.
Toby is very smart and loves routine and treats. Toby is medium energy and very athletic and agile.
Toby will do best in a calm and patient home with a companion dog that is submissive, calm, his age and size that will help him with gaining confidence. Toby will need daily walks/runs/hikes. Toby will also need continued leash, obedience and socialization training. Once Toby gains confidence and your trust and masters obedience training he may find it fun to do agility training.
L&S Dog Diggity Rescue is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, where there are over 350,000 homeless pets. We save homeless and abandoned dogs and find them loving forever homes in other areas, where pet homelessness is not epidemic.
All of our pets are located here, in San Antonio, and we partner with Paws Without Borders and other rescues to provide transportation for our pets to their new homes. Our adoption fee includes vet care (vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping, etc), as well as transportation and health certificate. Please contact us to ask about our adoption process and our adoption fees.
You can contact us directly at, visit our website at

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San Antonio, TX

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