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Domestic Short Hair


Chino Hills, CA

TOM & JERRY are inseparable and they are still available for ADOPTION. We would love to find them BOTH a home together, even if it means it take a bit longer. <3 Let's find these two a loving home just in time for the Holidays! Please SHARE their story, you never know who might be looking to adopt.

Here is their story: Due to unforeseen circumstances, their human mama had to give them up, to no fault of their own. Tom is the dark one and Jerry is the light one. They love to play just like the cartoon show. They love to chase each other, play with each other and help bathe one another. They also love to sleep together. Sometimes if Jerry forgets where Tom went or didn’t see where he took off to, he’ll meow around the house looking for him. Once he locates him, he’ll go to him and hug and kiss him. Where you see one you’re sure to see the other. Just like here in this picture, they are inseparable.

Jerry loves to be in the same room with you. He’ll even help you greet your guests. He will follow you all over the house, room to room. Just waiting his turn for you to give him attention. He loves to be petted and will rollover, like a dog to be petted on his belly. He’s not a big lap cap, but will sit right next to you.

Tom, is shy and quiet around new comers, but give him an hour he’ll be out too looking for the petting hand and a warm spot on your lap. Tom is a lap cat. Loves to sleep there all day if he could. If you get up and sit back down, in no time at all he’ll be back up on your lap. Oh and he loves to make biscuits on your lap with the blankets.

They both love the laser activity and most cat toys, especially the ones with catnip. Tom loves to use the cardboard scratch pad while Jerry loves to use a cat tree. You can pick both of them up for a short period of time, but they prefer to have their paws on the ground. They both have been indoor cats their whole life. However, they like to sit outside on an escape proof patio. Where they can feel safe from intruders without the danger of them getting out.

Will you open up your home to Tom & Jerry? Contact us to set up a meet and greet at Petsmart in Chino Hills, CA.

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Chino Hills, CA

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