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Tommy Tippy Toes


5 years, 2 months
Medium  |  Male

Alvin, TX



Tommy Tippy Toes was born 5/10/2012. He appears to be a Havana/Siamese Mix. He has long legs, long body, and a Havana Face. His personality is absolutely hilarious! We also call him "Surprised Cat" because the look in his eyes seems to always be of "surprise"! This boy has two speeds. He is either so full on energy or plain layed out! He loves to climb, drink out of the faucet and play with the "ball in the round" toy.
Our vets think he looks egyptian/oriental but from what we have researched he really looks like the Havana Brown. Not all Havana Brown's are brown, some are black. He has the same structural build as the Havana Brown with the long, thick legs, long body, and long face with large green eyes.
Tommy Tippy Toes also has attitude and is only okay in your lap when he wants to jump into it. If you try and force him - you will get bitten.
*Thank you Galye R. for sponsoring Tommy Tippy Toes while he waits to be adopted.

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Alvin, TX

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