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Medium  |  Male

Huddleston, VA

Here are some very important things you need to know about Tony
Approximate age/birthdate: ~ December 2013

Weight/size: at 9 months he weighs ~45 pounds so we’re guessing he’ll be 50-60 lbs as an adult

Housebroken: working on it ... his extreme anxiety makes it a little hard for him to focus yet
Crate trained: working on it … sometimes he still has overnight accidents in the crate

Personality: EXTREMELY shy and anxious
Energy level: medium ... but he still has lab puppy energy and plays like crazy with other pups

Fenced yard required?: YES … ABSOLUTELY ... NO EXCEPTIONS ... and it must be a physical fence, not an underground fence. He is so scared of people that he would definitely escape at the first opportunity.
Does he/she jump fences? NO but as he grows his ability to do so increases
Leash walk: He’s learning to walk on leash

Obedience training: NO but we are working on 'sit'

Riding in vehicles: RIDES OK … a little scared at first, but settles quickly in his crate

Spayed/neutered: YES

Up-to-date on routine vaccinations: YES

Microchipped: YES

Social with other dogs: YES but is easily intimidated

Social with cats: A little curious about them and will bark at them

Good with children: He hasn’t been around children but until he ‘comes out of his shell’ a lot of activity with young children would be overwhelming for him.
Adoption donation: $175
Tony looks like he might be some sort of retriever mix boy and he’s sweet as can be … once he decides he doesn’t need to be afraid of you. We have no background on him … only know that he and his sister BeBe were surrendered to an Animal Control facility. When they first came to us they were very sick with a parasite overload, but they recovered nicely and have been doing well physically.
Tony is a very special needs pup at this time. He is not at all comfortable with people. He loves other dogs and behaves perfectly normally with them, but he is terrified of people. After several months in foster care he will only sometimes take a treat directly from a person's hand.
Tony must have a very settled family with lots of experience and patience and time to spend teaching him just how great life can be when somebody loves you! He is such a handsome boy, and it is heartbreaking to see him so anxious around people.

If you think Tony might be the perfect pup for you, please go to, click on Forms/Application and complete your adoption application online.
We are an all-volunteer group, so please be patient and understand that it takes an average of 7-14 days to process the applications including reference checks, follow-up questions and home visits. You can expedite the process by providing accurate email addresses for all your references. Time to make phone calls is limited and we often have multiple applications in process. We make every effort to move through them as quickly as possible.
When your application is approved, we will schedule a meet-and-greet to see if Tony picks you too.
If it seems that the adoption will be a good match for all, there is an adoption fee, and an adoption contract to be signed.
Please feel free to email or call 434 841 0411 or 540 297 1590 if you have additional questions.

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Huddleston, VA

(434) 841-0411

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