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Kaplan, LA

WANTED! A relatively chilled out family or person who does not have any cats or other dogs but would love a sweet, cuddly, loving, side-saddle riding, chilled out, middle-aged girl.
This is a summary of Trixie's story.
Trixie spent the first four years of her life on a very short chain and was very nearly starved to death. Animal Aid Vermilion area rescued her and took her into foster care. A best guess is that Trixie is part English bully and American Staffordshire pit.
Once Trixie got into foster care she started gaining weight like crazy. We would learn that she is hypothyroid and has a genetic disorder called spondylosis (spinal issue). It took us quite a while to get her weight back down but that and her hypothyroid has been stabilized for quite some time on very inexpensive medication. We have followed her spondylosis and x-rays do not show any further deterioration. We did however find out that both of her back knees needed repairing, we raised funds and two successful surgeries were completed.
Trixie can now Run and Jump as she pleases when she pleases. Fortunately, she's just not real hyper although she does like to silly play and loves playing with adolescent kids and adults. But she's just as happy sitting or laying with you in a room. She is most relaxed and absolutely loves to ride in a vehicle. Trixie is easy to bathe, easy to give medicine to and really not even difficult to nail clip. She's potty trained. She's wonderful. She's beautiful. She loves people and everybody who meets Trixie wishes they could take her home.
Trixie is about 8 years old now and we need to find her that home where she will live out the rest of her days very comfortably and very loved. She has been with me for a year now and only God knows I do not want to let her go. However, I do have cats and lots of other dogs and Trixie is not comfortable with other dogs being around her resources. She needs her own family who will take her on Long rides and long walks and/or has a fenced-in yard. She deserves companionship and her own family. If you know some good people who fit this description please contact me or ask them to fill out an application at

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Kaplan, LA

(337) 366-0212

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