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Belgian Malinois


Miami, FL


Virus is an excellent Police Dual Prospect Malinois. His father is a certified police dog imported from Holland and 100 pounds black Malinois. Her mother is imported too and a certified police dog too. Virus has an excellent ball drive and he does a super hard bite work. Virus is super hyper! He is not a pet. Virus is excellent around children and other animals including other males. Virus does search of the ball in opened and wooded areas. He bites also the suit and the sleeve. He is not shy. He is excellent in new environments. He is great in dark rooms and slippery floors. He is very fast! Virus is a good eater. He is a very good looking Malinois. Health certificate is up to date. Virus is 14 months old. He will be an excellent personal protection dog and a ring sport or Schutzhund candidate. His line is total titled in KNPV, NBVK, AND FRIII. His grandfather by his mother is BRI Titled (ARCO), his grandmother is FRIII (Paris) Titled, by his father King (certified police dog imported fron Netherlands)his grandfather by his father is Remco PH2 Titled, and his granmother by his father is Billy PH1 Titled. Videos available @

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