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Irvine, CA

WALTER - 6 yrs old, 22lbs (overweight)

Walter he is just one big kid! Literally. He currently weighs 22 lbs. but should weigh about 12lbs. He is starting to smile a little more now that he is out of the shelter and feeling a bit better. He has a great attitude for what he is going through. He does have an eye irritation in his left eye that we will have looked at and his hind legs are very weak too. We'll look into that as well. We're still learning about him and we'll update as we can.

*UPDATE" - Thanks to his foster, Walter is now down to his perfect weight of 12 lbs. He is so much happier and lighter on his feet. Check out his new video!

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2 years ago

When i saw her, i immediately smiled.

Melanie Farris

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