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Wembley (Wicklow)


7 years
Medium  |  Male

Fishers, IN

If you are interested in adopting an ARPO pet, please visit our website, for details about our fees and process, and to complete our Pre-Qualification Form. ARPO limits adoptions to within 50 miles of Indianapolis. We do not have a shelter; all pets are in volunteer foster homes.

Wicklow (ARPO name Wembley) is looking for a special home. He is a cute little guy with a big terrier personality. He originally came to ARPO as an abused puppy. He was left outside in the cold and kicked for trying to get inside. He was adopted but recently returned because he was not behaving well with new people. His biggest problem is that he doesn't know how to read people. If he sees someone new pet another dog in the house then he knows the stranger is okay. In the absence of him being able to see another dog's greeting we have visitors ignore Wicklow until he comes up to them. He will give their hand a lick and then he will let them pet him. Anything new is scary to him but he adjusts over time.

Wicklow is very lovable with everyone that he knows. He lives with a teenagers and adults and two other dogs very nicely. He is not at all good with cats. Several times he has seen the cat being petted so he thinks it's okay to get right in the cat's face. When the cat swats him he comes back like a terrier (fearful but not backing down). He also has some Sheltie like herding tendencies and tries to make sure the cat doesn't leave the upstairs.

Wicklow is very alert and lets you know when anyone is at the door. He even pays attention to the porch light. He is looking for an experienced owner who won't be intimidated by his big personality. In return Wicklow iwll be a very loyal and comical companion. He loves to play fetch and just pretend like he will return the rope or ball, hops like a gazelle over baby gates, and puts just half of his body on the couch to get next to you.

We're guessing Wicklow was born around September 2010. Please submit a prequalification form if you would like to meet this spunky guy!

If you are interested in adopting an ARPO pet, please complete the online Pre-Qualification Form.
Our adoption events are held most Saturdays on the following dates and locations:
Most Saturdays:
Noblesville Petsmart from 11:30-2:30
Castleton Petsmart from 12-3

Please note that not all animals attend the events; please email us at: to check on a specific pet's location for the upcoming weekend.

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Fishers, IN

(317) 774-8292

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