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American Staffordshire Terrier

Medium  |  Male

Austin, TX

Wiliam is an awesome dog who was tortured in Stockton. Before we got to him, William was starved nearly to death, thrown on a lit bar-be-que grill and drug behind a pick up truck. He was then dumped at Stockton Animal Control, a hell on earth.

William has learned to trust humans again and is on his way to Texas where he'll join Reunion Rescue's No Kill Refuge, the only holistic raw feeding rescue sanctuary in the world.

Please consider a donation by visiting and clicking the Paypal link.

Or, snail mail to: 2718 Long Bow Trail Austin TX 78734 All donations go to William and are tax deductible.

Everyone will be updated with photos and progress reports about this beautiful boy as he thrives even more and becomes a full fledged Texas boy!

Visit William on Facebook:

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Austin, TX

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