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4 years, 4 months
Large  |  Male

Dallas, Tx

Big and beautiful describes Wyatt perfectly! His sweet mom was a pregnant stray that we rescued in Dallas just prior to having her last litter of puppies. Wyatt was one of her little beauties born in foster care on April 8th, 2013. He’s not so little anymore, weighing in at 75 pounds. Wyatt is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix with floppy ears, soulful eyes and a beautiful brown brindle and white coat.
Wyatt fortunately never had to live on the streets as a stray, but sadly he has waited a very long time for that perfect person to adopt him. He is a shy and fearful boy in new or unknown situations, but extremely happy and fun-loving in his comfort zone. If he gets scared or feels threatened, he generally runs away from the cause of it. He needs very slow and calm introductions to new people and other dogs, but once he befriends you, you’re in for lots of good Wyatt love. One of his best buddies says that every time he sees Wyatt, he gets loads of doggy kisses, cuddles and Wyatt wants to lay with him with their faces touching. This pup can show some deep love to his close friends.
Wyatt’s foster mom has had him for a little over a year and loves him dearly, but she knows that he could be happier in a home with less action. He would benefit from a calm, stress-free environment where he doesn’t need to be a social butterfly or expected to visit dog parks. He’d be happy as a homebody, watching movies on the couch and be the King of his own backyard. Wyatt often sits on the couch with back end on the seat and his front feet on the floor. It’s quite the silly sight!
An experienced dog owner with lots of patience and compassion is what Wyatt needs, but also someone that doesn’t have a constant flow of new people in their home. He enjoys the company of some dogs, but dogs with very high energy or reactive personalities are not for him. He prefers to have a couple of very close, trusted human friends in his life. Wyatt has not spent any time around children, but we feel they may be a bit much for him. He enjoys lots of activities like playing in his kiddie pool, carrying around all types of dog toys and running figure eights in the yard. Watching Wyatt run and play ball with friends is such a treat, especially the giant smile that covers his face. Wyatt is a fantastic leash walker and will stay right alongside of his person if it’s a quiet area without a lot of people but tries very hard to avoid anyone in his path.
Wyatt is house, leash and crate trained perfectly. He also is well trained with all of his basic commands and listens well. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. This happy, healthy boy is ready for his forever family! He is dreaming of his future owners, so if you think you are his dream come true and would like to meet him today, please email us at Adoption appliations can be submitted for him at Wyatt’s adoption fee is $200.

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Dallas, Tx

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