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XP Ethel - Maplewood, NJ


11 years, 1 month
Medium  |  Female

Rockaway, NJ

Ethel, a 9-year-old Boxer/Pit mix, is just a rambunctious puppy at heart. Aprox. 30lbs and healthy, she was abandoned at the Short Hills Mall a month ago and now sits in a kennel at our vet's office, waiting for a home. Playful, vocal and a lover of dog cookies, Ethel is particular about who she likes, both human and non-human, but if she likes you, she loves you!

Ethel will need a dog-experienced home where patience and training should bring out the best in this lover of life. She is available for adoption through Furry Hearts Rescue in Maplewood, NJ - if you would like to meet her, please email

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Rockaway, NJ

(973) 664-0865

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