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zz "Boots" courtesy list



Cincinnati, OH

THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue and its volunteers have not evaluated this animal in any way and can not be held liable for the current condition or future care of the animal. Please work with the specific contact in the posting to confirm if the animal is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested, etc. and for a complete description of the animal's personality and behavior traits.
I have started to care for a cat that was abandoned by a neighbor. He is so sweet and loves people and craves interaction. He has all of his claws and looks to be about 1 years old. I named him boots and I feed him and play / pet him every day. He needs to find a good home - he is a stray and not a feral cat- it's clear he used to be domesticated and is not equipped with hunting and cold weather adapting skills. He is so loving and trusting. He has some defensive wounds and healed cuts and bite marks on his body and ears. He probably has a slight infection under his right eye and he had evidence of bad trauma to his ears. He is so sweet and vocal. He purrs so loud and drools. He loves getting snuggles sitting in your lap. Please help me save him by giving him a home! I can't take him in I already have 2 dogs and a cat. Attached is some interaction with him! Thanks Tiffanie Witte 5134847603

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Cincinnati, OH

(513) 557-2107

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