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zz "Smokey please help!" courtesy listing


11 years, 11 months

Cincinnati, OH

THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue and its volunteers have not evaluated this animal in any way and can not be held liable for the current condition or future care of the animal. Please work with the specific contact in the posting to confirm if the animal is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested, etc. and for a complete description of the animal's personality and behavior traits.
I am dealing with a very unpleasant situation with a very amazing cat. It is a long story but I agreed to foster Smokey back in January for an acquaintance who desperately needed to find a place for him after his mom went into a nursing home. When he came to live with me I instantly fell in love with him. He is so beautiful and sweet, and very active. He’s 10 years old and plays like a kitten. (spring 2015)
However, my 14 year old cat did not feel the same way. Smokey would look for her companionship but she is simply a solitary cat. She was so upset with him around that I was afraid it would give her a heart attack. I sent Smokey to live with my mom after she had to put down her 18 year old cat, in hopes that they would both be comforted.

My mom’s apartment is very small and Smokey needs space to run and jump around. He is not happy there, except when I come to visit. He started throwing up a lot. My mom and I took him to the vet recently for a physical and they did blood work, ultrasound, and took a stool sample. All the tests came back fine, no parasites and no infections. I think he is just stressed at being in a confined space. In my apartment he would regularly gallop from one end to the other. We did start him on a bland wet food diet and it has helped.

My mom and I can’t afford to continue taking him to the vet and it’s just easy to see that he’s not happy there in a small place. Smokey originally came to me from a house with 3 other cats and a dog, so he is good with other animals. If there’s any opening for another foster home in your organization, please let me know!!!! I would very much appreciate any help. I absolutely do not want to take him to a shelter, as being put in a cage would be torture for him.

Lindsay Moore

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Cincinnati, OH

(513) 557-2107

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