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zz "Sunkist" courtesy listing



Cincinnati, OH

THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue and its volunteers have not evaluated this animal in any way and can not be held liable for the current condition or future care of the animal. Please work with the specific contact in the posting to confirm if the animal is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested, etc. and for a complete description of the animal's personality and behavior traits.
(When Sunkist is the only cat) He's calm but curious. Plays with the (little) dog pretty well; knows when to keep claws in. Learns quickly and very trainable (for a cat). Goes out when the dog does and comes in when the dog does. He also knows the difference between his meal and the dog's meal. He loves sitting on his cushion in front of the sunny window watching the birds.

(When Sunkist was with other cats) He found chasing and rough-housing a great fun activity. Da'Bird is a favorite toy where he would chase, catch and stalk off with it firmly held in his mouth. The other cats did not phase him at all; larger dogs he does not like. The current dog Sunkist plays with is about 12-15 pounds; he did not like the large 60 pound dog that quietly walked on leash in the neighborhood.
contact if interested in males are the best!

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Cincinnati, OH

(513) 557-2107

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